One Smile, One Friendly Greeting,  One Person at a Time... is on a mission... to turn the attitude of a town.

For years there was the common feeling that once you crossed the Ohio River to the north into Evansville, Indiana - there was an attitude change. More than one Madisonvillian came back with tales of an unfriendly city. A place where customer service was just a northern attitude waiting to snarl at you... but over the years, the turn of a century, that unfriendly attitude has slipped south and taken a foothold of Madisonville, Kentucky. 

And for a town known by the slogan started on the top of a newspaper... The Best Town On Earth... this attitude change won't do. 

Therefore in an effort to change our community attitude... is set to begin honoring, spotlighting and sharing one person each month who truly is making this town we call Madisonville - The Best Town On Earth.

With the support and donations from business in and around our area , one person will be selected each month and recognized for making this town a better place. 

We hope to have this program honoring beginning in the near future... Questions, comments... direct them to 

The Ladies of the The Greater Lighthouse Church of Madisonville annually host a Tea as a fundraiser... got a sneak look at the tea and share our view HERE.

We appreciate the invite and hospitality of Frances Beshear and commend the ladies for their project. 


The Evening Hustler- Madisonville, Kentucky's newspaper carried the slogan "Published in the Best Place of its size in America" on it's masthead from 1893-1898. While in 1899 JJ Glenn began publishing Glenn's Graphic and coined the phrase "The Best Town on Earth". 

From the idea of Eddie Hamblett and pitched to the Kiwanis Club, signs were ordered and erected on the US Highway 41 (which was one of the country's main roads from the north in Michigan to the south in Florida) over the highway proclaiming Madisonville, KY - The Best Town on Earth - Heart of the Coal Field and Big Tobacco Market. These high-profiled signs extended the knowledge of the Best Town on Earth to the nation as travels shared their journeys that led thru the western Kentucky town of Madisonville- making the community named after President James Madison a nationally known spot on the map.

Incidents knocked the final sign down 1986, one erected as a welcome for travelers coming in on an Western Highway  and due to highway regulations marking the signs as advertisements  were never replaced. 

Billboards, side of buildings, along with other marketing ideas have continued to use the phrase as Madisonville's slogan. In 2007 a miniature version of the sign was commissioned and placed in Beard Park in downtown Madisonville (pictured right). 



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